The  Refine  Group

We empower recruiters with skills 

to attract top talent and win more clients

The mission

Recruiting firm leaders want to train and develop their teams, but it's a challenge because leaders are busy running their desks and growing the business.  

My mission is simple: to empower recruiters with the skills to attract top talent and win more clients, so leaders can focus on what they do best.  

- Trevor Gamble, Owner of the Refine Group

Why hire a training consultant?

1 - You want to build a high-performing team but lack the time and resources to find and hire a full-time trainer.

2 - You want to ensure your team receives relevant training on skills that have the greatest impact on driving revenue. 

3 - You want flexibility, to ensure your needs in other areas of the business can be addressed as the market changes. 

Services offered

Training programs

Custom-built programs to onboard new recruiters or develop experienced billers

Performance coaching

Individualized, one on one coaching to strengthen core skills and boost confidence

Business consulting

Assessment of your current technology and processes to optimize what you already own

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