Trevor Gamble


Trevor started The Refine Group, along with his wife Carrie, so he help business owners achieve their marketing goals. He has over fifteen years of experience in marketing for brands like Red Bull, Oakley, and GoPro, as well as independently-owned startups and small to medium size businesses. 

He helps clients connect with and tap into the stories that make their businesses unique and transforms those stories into content that helps them build and engage an audience.  He's a clever writer, skilled with a camera and video editing, and even stands in front of the lens from time to time, all of which make him a valuable asset.  

In his free time, Trevor loves running, hiking and spending quality time with his wife and their goldendoodle, Jaxon.


Carrie Gamble


Carrie loves to help other business owners enhance their online social presence in order to grow their businesses.  

With her extensive experience in marketing, she leverages her passion and skills to help clients bring their stories to life through coordinated efforts and works meticulously with every client to help refine their vision. 

Being an Arizona native, Carrie enjoys the sunshine and everything the beautiful state has to offer.  She loves playing pickleball and spending time doing outdoor activities with her family.